Surrounded by the landscapes, flowers and plants that inspired Jesus in his teachings, Magdala brings the Gospel to life to all who visit it. It is from this special site, a site related to the healing that Jesus offers, to Mary Magdalene and hence to all Christians, that we want to support all those who are seeking an encounter, renewal and reconciliation with our Lord to find it. 

In Magdala we are working on a deep reflection about the dignity of womanhood, the coming of the Kingdom of God, and the magnificence of the Divine Mercy. Walking across the First Century Synagogue, the mikvaot (Jewish ritual baths), and archaeological excavations in Magdala allows us to travel back to our roots, catalyzing unity among different cultures, communities, ethnicities and religions. 

Magdala Ambassadors are individuals who are aware that this is fundamentally a spiritual project and hence commit to:


  • Promote Magdala´s mission and projects in their hometown through activities that each can organize with his/her means and their creativity

  • Organise or join in events and initiatives that promote the vision, mission and purpose of Magdala and that can help benefit the project. Examples could be organizing a pilgrimage with your church to the Holy Land or a dinner with friends to showcase some of Magdala´s initiatives.


Each registered Ambassador in the Magdala Family will receive: 

  • Magdala´s monthly newsletter, including the latest news and updates as well as the activities of Magdala Inspiration*

  • One mosaic tesserae in the Ambassador area of the Magdala Mosaic

  • Personal recognition in the digital honor wall within Magdala´s future visitor center


*Magdala Inspiration

Magdala Inspiration is all that Magdala inspires including activities, events, and programs, of a daily, weekly, monthly, annual nature for anyone who visits Magdala or who may join internationally.

become a magdala 

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