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What is the Magdala Mosaic?

The Magdala Mosaic is an artwork of faith and culture.  


Made up of over one million and a half individual unique stones, the mosaic depicts the Galilee Region in the times of Jesus, commemorating the place where it all began, when all Christians were one.

This mosaic highlights the connection between nature and faith in the past, present and future, and is a beautiful symbol of how one individual unique piece, like every human, can be brought together with others to form a wonderful creation.

We invite you to join us as individuals by sponsoring one mosaic tile, or a section depicting a town, road, river, or biblical scene to help us bring this great artwork to life.  Your contribution will in turn help us to continue our development work in Magdala and be a mark of your legacy in the Holy Land. 

 The Magdala Mosaic Campaign looks for this mosaic to be a collaborative masterpiece of Christian art in the 21st century.


We invite people from all around the world to sponsor one tile or different figures, symbols and scenes, in order to support us to create a masterpiece that will set a new root in the Holy land and will help us preserve Magdala’s spiritual environment, by helping us continue its development, its programming on site, as well as the possible expansion for generations to come. This mosaic is a masterpiece in the path of the old Christian tradition, that will preserve Christian heritage and art in the Holy Land..


While adopting one piece of this marvelous state of the artwork, you become part of this story, of His story. We invite you to partner on this collaborative Christian artwork as a reminder of the legacy and  beauty that the Lord left in His native land and we invite you to leave your own personal legacy.


Magdala Mosaic

Theological Concept: Fr. Juan María Solana, LC

Artistic Creation: María Jesús Ortiz de Fernández

Execution: Clementina Manzo

Studio: Burg Engelsdorf, NRW. Germany

Engineers: Proyeco, Beatriz Leon & Alejandro Taboada
Special Thanks to: 

Fr. Eugenio Alliata, OFM

Magdala Volunteers

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