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The Magdala Mosaic is the map of biblical Galilee identifying the sites where Jesus lived, walked and preached as well as those sites present in the Old Testament. 


The map is inspired by Old World Byzantine and Roman style mosaics such as those found in the first Roman basilicas, like the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta in Aquileia, Italy, as well as the famous Madaba Map of Jordan. 


The map is an iconographic piece which aims to show a visual experience of the events and passages which Jesus taught as well as to highlight the land He walked. It is meant to help all visitors, pilgrims, and observers refer to their location and the places they have visited in the Holy Land as well as other Holy Sites. It is also meant to help those individuals who have not yet visited the Holy Land to have a visual narrative of His Land and help them appreciate the Kingdom of God and identify the cosmic reality that is heaven and earth. 


Made up of over one million and a half individual unique stones and spanning over 114 square meters (1227 square feet) the mosaic is an artwork of faith, culture and history. Each individual handcrafted piece has its own character just as each human does. When brought together as a unit they create something beautiful, just as individuals can when working in harmony.


We invite you to join us by sponsoring one mosaic tile or a section of the mosaic, to help us bring this great artwork to life as well as to create the Magdala Mosaic Familya family formed of individuals working in unity to create something beautiful for the Kingdom of God. Sponsor your mosaic and leave your mark in the Holy Land!

Theological Concept: Fr. Juan María Solana, L.C.

Artistic Creation: María Jesús Ortiz de Fernández

Execution: Clementina Manzo

Studio: Burg Engelsdorf, NRW. Germany

Proyeco Engineers: Beatriz León & Alejandro Taboada
Special Thanks to: Fr. Eugenio Alliata, O.F.M. & Magdala Volunteers

What is the Magdala Mosaic?


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