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Surrounded by the landscapes, flowers and plants that inspired Jesus in his teachings, Magdala brings the Gospel to life to all who visit it. It is from this special site, a site related to the healing that Jesus offers, to Mary Magdalene and hence to all Christians, that we want to support all those who are seeking an encounter, renewal and reconciliation with our Lord to find it.

In Magdala we are working on a deep reflection about the dignity of womanhood, the coming of the Kingdom of God, and the magnificence of the Divine Mercy. Walking across the First Century Synagogue, the mikvaot (Jewish ritual baths), and archaeological excavations in Magdala allows us to travel back to our roots, catalyzing unity among different cultures, communities, ethnicities and religions.

The Magdala Mosaic Family is the collective group of unique individuals who join in supporting Magdala and its mission, vision, purpose as well as upholding its values through the Magdala Mosaic Campaign. The Magdala Mosaic Family is composed by Intercessors that pray for Magdala, Ambassadors that promote Magdala, Benefactors that generously support Magdala, Volunteers that give their time to Magdala, and Partners that link other projects or organizations with Magdala.


By joining the Magdala Family through one of these categories, you will be recognized with a mosaic tile in the digital Magdala Family Wall which will be located in Magdala’s future visitor center. We encourage you to join the Magdala Family in any of the following categories:

The Magdala Mosaic Family



Magdala Intercessors are a strong group of faithful focusing their efforts in supporting Magdala through daily prayer.

Intercessors show their commitment by:


  • Praying for Magdala's programs and ministries

  • Joining Magdala's online (livestreamed) or on site activities whenever possible



Magdala Ambassadors are a group of passionate promoters for Magdala, its mission, vision, purpose and values.

Ambassadors show their commitment by:

  • Promoting Magdala's mission and projects in their hometown through activities that each can organise with his/her means and creativity

  • Organizing or joining in events and initiatives that promote the mission of Magdala and that can help benefit the project



Magdala Benefactors are generous faithful supporters who sharing Magdala's core vision, mission, values and purpose select to support a specific area of Magdala.


Benefactors can make a suggested one-time $100 USD donation or make this a recurring monthly donation to sponsor additional tiles per month.


Benefactors are also invited to sponsor whole mosaic compositions within the mosaic map, such as a tree, animal, city, or biblical scene starting from $1000 USD.



Magdala Volunteers are adventurous selfless individuals who through their commitment and service can help Magdala in one of its many ministries and programs.


Individuals 18 years and above are invited to come and form part of the Magdala volunteer program and serve in the spirit of Mary Magdalene, the apostle to the apostles, and those women and men who accompanied Jesus during his ministry.



Magdala Partners are a select group of organizations, foundations, institutions, companies, church communities, or groups sharing Magdala's core mission, vision, purpose and values.


Partners cooperate with Magdala to promote each others work and programs as well as reciprocally support each other in fields that can help benefit either party.

Partners show their commitment through selecting to sponsor either an individual mosaic tile or section for a suggested monthly donation.

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